Electronic Engineering Department

Department Profile

Electronic Engineering is a rapidly advancing profession and is driving force behind the development of science and technology. Electronic Engineering offers a broad range of exciting career challenges including producing new innovations and developments communications, computing , security, entertainment, power and electrical equipment. The department got ISO 9001:2008 certificate for Quality Management System since 2016 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 version in 2019.The department of electronic engineering offers a range of programs leading toward Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) degrees. At present, the department has 13 teaching staffs, 2 laboratory assistants, and a total of 15 full-time members who are carrying out the teaching process. In our Electronic Engineering department, total enrollments have 258 undergraduate students who are learning First year to Sixth year. Students are also doing the regular basic jobs and the special projects at the end of each academic year. And then, the final year students are also doing the B.E mini thesis and going to the industrial attachments.

Organization Structure of Electronic Department

Our Mission

  • To impart Quality Education in Electronic Engineering.

Our Vision

  • To generate qualified electronic engineers to serve the interest of society and nation.


  • To get the passing percentage of students studying in the Department of Electronic Engineering to be (81%).
  • to carry out for the getting 83% of students-satisfaction regarding to teaching and learning process in the analysis of customer satisfaction in Electronic Engineering Department for (2022-2023) Academic Year
  • to create employable and entrepreneurial engineers with academic excellence, positive attitude, effective communication and interpersonal skills, good character, self-confidence and leadership qualities and high integrity to serve the interest of society and nation


FIRST YEAR (First Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
1M-11011Myanmar I
3EM-11001Engineering Mathematics I
4E.Ch.-11011Engineering Chemistry I
5E.Ph.-11011Engineering Physics I
6ME-11011Basic Engineering Drawing I
7EcE-11011Fundamental of Electronic Circuits I

FIRST YEAR (Second Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
1M-12011Myanmar II
3EM-12002Engineering Mathematics II
4E.Ch.-12011Engineering Chemistry II
5E.Ph.-12011Engineering Physics II
6ME-12011Basic Engineering Drawing II
7EcE-12011Fundamental of Electronic Circuits II
Remark: After Semester Examination, Industrial Training (Visit) under the supervision of teachers.

SECOND YEAR (First Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
2EM-21003Engineering Mathematics III
3EcE-21002Communication Principles I
4EcE-21001Electronic Engineering Circuit I
5EcE-21021Digital Electronics I
6EcE-21011Microelectronics I
7EcE-21014Technical Programming I

SECOND YEAR (Second Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
2EM-22004Engineering Mathematics IV
3EcE-22002Communication Principles II
4EcE-22001Electronic Engineering Circuit II
5EcE-22021Digital Electronics II
6EcE-22011Microelectronics II
7EcE-22014Technical Programming II
Remark:   After Semester Examination, Industrial Attachment during the vacation.

THIRD YEAR (First Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
2EM-31005Engineering Mathematics V
3EcE-31001Engineering Circuit Analysis I
4EcE-31002Digital Communication I
5EcE-31011Engineering Electromagnetic I
6EcE-31021Integrated Electronics I
7EcE-31003Modeling and Control I

THIRD YEAR (Second Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
2EM-32006Engineering Mathematics VI
3EcE-32001Engineering Circuit Analysis II
4EcE-32002Digital Communication II
5EcE-32011Engineering Electromagnetic II
6EcE-32021Integrated Electronics II
7EcE-32003Modeling and Control II
Remark:      After Semester Examination, Group Project during the vacation.

FOURTH YEAR (First Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
2EM-41007Engineering Mathematics VII
3EcE-41002Computer Communication I
4EcE-41021Digital Design with HDL I
5EcE-41003Modern Control System I
6EP-41043Electrical Machines I
7EcE-41031Industrial Electronic and  Control I

FOURTH YEAR (Second Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
2EM-42008Engineering Mathematics VIII
3EcE-42002Computer Communication II
4EcE-42021Digital Design with HDL II
5EcE-42003Modern Control System II
6EP-42043Electrical Machines II
7EcE-42031Industrial Electronic and  Control II
Remark:      After Semester Examination, Industrial Attachment during the vacation.

FIFTH YEAR (First Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
1EcE-51001Advanced Electronics  I
2EcE-51033PLC Programming Methods and Techniques I
3EcE-51003Digital Control System I
4EcE-51005Digital Signal Processing I
5EcE-51013Microwave Engineering  I
6EcE-51012Modern Electronic    Communication Systems I
7EcE-51006Industrial Management I

FIFTH YEAR (Second Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
1EcE-52001Advanced Electronics II
2EcE-52033PLC Programming Methods and Techniques II
3EcE-52003Digital Control System II
4EcE-52005Digital Signal Processing II
5EcE-52013Microwave Engineering II
6EcE-52012Modern Electronic   Communication Systems II
7EcE-52006Industrial Management II
Remark:  After Second Semester Examination, it is necessary to carry out Integrated Design Project (IDP).

FINAL YEAR (First Semester)

Sr. NoCodeCourse
1HSS-61011Humanities and Social Science
2EcE-61015Computer Networking

FINAL YEAR (Second Semester)

In second semester, final year students have to give at least three seminar presentations and viva voce, and thesis book for the FYP (Final Year Project /Graduation Thesis / Mini Thesis) and Internship report, Log book and personal assessment for Internship Program.

SrName & PositionCurrent Teaching Subjects
1U Kyaw Lin Oo
M.E (Electronics), MTU
Associate Professor & Head
Fundamental of Electronic Circuits I & II
PLC Programming Methods & Techniques I & II
2Daw Nilar Khin
M.E (Electronics), MTU
Associate Professor & Deputy Head
Computer Communication I & II
Modern Electronic Communication System I &II
3Daw Hninn Hninn Hlaing
M.E (Electronics), MTU
Digital Electronics I & II
Advanced Electronics I & II
Humanities and Social Science
4Daw Pwint PhyuAung
M.E (Electronics), YTU
Technical Programming I & II
Computer Science I & II
5U Zeyar Win
B.E (Electronics), MTU
Communication Principles I
Analog and Digital Electronics I & II
Computer Networking
6U Aung Mon Thant
B.E (Electronics), MTU
Communication Principles II
Digital Signal Processing I & II
7Daw Thiri Tun
M.E (Electronics) , WYTU
Assistant Lecturer
Electronic Engineering Circuit I & II
Industrial Electronic & Control I & II
8Daw Poe Zar Chi Aung
M.E (Electronics), YTU
Digital Design with HDL I & II
Digital Control System I & II
9Daw Cho Thet Aung
B.E (Electronics), TU(HTD)
Digital Communication I &II
Industrial Management I &II
10Daw Hsu Mon Soe
B.E (Electronics), PTU
Modeling & Control I &II
Modern Control System I &II
11Daw Aye Moe Thu
B.E (Electronics), TU (HTD)
Engineering Electromagnetic I &II
12Daw Hsu Yie Wint
B.E (Electronics), TU (HTD)
Microelectronics I &II
Integrated Electronics I &II
13Daw Wint War Kyi Soe
B.E (Electronics),TU (Maubin)
Engineering Circuit Analysis I &II
Microwave Engineering I &II

To ensure that our undergraduate programs are qualified the following laboratories that have been assembled.

Laboratory Facilities

  1. Laboratory of Elementary Electronics
  2. Laboratory of Industrial Electronic Control
  3. Laboratory of Advanced Electronics

2022-2023 Academic Year Graduation Thesis Title

No.Roll No.Title
1VI EC -1
VI EC-11
Implementation of Automatic Paper Cutting Machine using Arduino
2VI EC- 2
VI EC -8
Implementation of Aquaponics Water  Controlling System using Arduino
3VI EC -3
VI EC -9
Implementation of Warehouse Monitoring and Alarm System
4VI EC -4
VI EC -7
VI EC-12
Design and Implementation of RFID Based Automatic Coffee Making Machine using PLC
5VI EC -5
Automated Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System using Arduino
6VI EC -6
Implementation of IoT Based Water Quality Monitoring System
Implementation of IOT based MiniWeather Station Using ESP32Microcontroller
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