Engineering Physics

Department Profile

In this technological university, the engineering physics department stand for the teaching (both theoretical and practical) and other needed duties. This department teaching the classical physics and modern physics for the first year engineering students. The teachers in this department attempt to motivate the students in their learning skills. And so, the students understanding the concepts and principles of physics to use in their broad range of learning and the real-world applications.

Our Mission

The mission of the physics department is to provide the necessary knowledge and experience in both theoretical and experimental physics. Therefore, the students will gain the analytical skill, thinking and research experiences.

Our Vision

To generate the qualified engineers by fulfilling their necessary science knowledge and skills to use in their learning and working area.

Teachers of the Department

Dr. Thida
Ph.D(Engg: Physics)
Assistant Professor
Head of Department

Dr. Mon Mon Cho
Ph.D(Engg: Phys:)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ni Ni Khine
Ph.D(Engg: Physics)
Assistant Professor

Daw San Yu Maw


Daw Phyo Chit Chit Po
Assistant Lecturer


Daw Wai Mon Soe
Assistant Lecturer


Course Summary

  1. Mechanics
  2. Oscillations and Mechanical Waves
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Electricity and Magnetism
  5. Light and Optics
  6. Modern Physics(Quantum and Nuclear Physics)


Physics Department has one laboratory.

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